My name is Bartosz or shorter Bart.

I am currently working as a Credit Risk Developer in a premium investment bank. I work on a real time credit checking system. Earlier I was a Senior Software Developer in a financial deriviates company IG Index, Britain's leader in spread betting, where I was involved in design and development of real time pricing systems.

Before joining IG Index I did PhD at Wireless Ad-Hoc Networking Research Group (WANRG), University of Nottingham. I was also associated with Mixed Reality Laboratory (MRL). My supervisors were Dr Milena Radenkovic and Prof Chris Greenhalgh. My thesis were about Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETS) and their application to cattle monitoring. I also did research in peer-to-peer application level routing and storage protocols for massively multiplayer pervasive games and semantic grid midleware for eScience. If you are interested in my research please have a look at my publications.

My professional interests include:
  • High performance computing
    • Real time systems
  • Computer networks
    • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs)
    • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
    • Peer-to-peer systems
Please have a look at some of the projects I worked on (unfortunatelly I cannot write about my current or IG Index projects) and my publications.

Professional Activities


I am based in South East London. I have always been a physically active person. In the past I did a lot of outdoor sports all around Europe (such as mountain trekking, Alpine skiing, sea sailing) as well as martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu in particular). Now I am busier and more settled down but I still can find time to do some skiing, playing badminton or tennis. Apart from that I like going to extraordinary places or events and take photos. I am also a great fan of Richard MorganNeal Stephenson and Ayn Rand.


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